Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't Vote


Anna said...

Would it be unconstitutional to make people take a short test about the issues before they vote? And if they don't know anything then they can't vote? That way all the people I work with who claim they're republican simply because they don't support pro-choice and gay marriage won't be allowed to actually cast their ballot since they refuse to watch anything politically related and therefore have no idea where the candidates stand on any other important issues such as the economy and foreign policy.

DumSpiroSpero said...

Unfortunately it probably would be. And this is how George Bush got elected. Twice. I'm pretty sure we would cringe to discover the level of education and IQ of the average voter. It's part of the fun of a free society!

Speaking of politically-related things, have you watched either of the debates? I had a lot more fun watching the VP one last night (when I was supposed to be studying for my Neuro test...perhaps that's why I [most likely] did so poorly on it?) than the first presidential one. How people can possibly STILL vote for McCain/Palin after watching that is beyond me. She is utterly unprepared to be in such an important office.